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About KATA


I am Kata, the face behind PTwithKP and Reform Your Lifestyle.


Although I always was active as a child, my real deep dive into sports started when I joined a canoe club at the age of 9. During my junior years, I collected over a hundred medals, winning regional and national championships in my age group.

During university, I decided to focus more on my studies but couldn't entirely disconnect from the racing either, and my coaching career began.


Life changed and I started my expat life. It had its ups and downs but sports and exercising helped me to find my place. The old discipline helped to keep going. 

Life changed again and I started my mum-life. It never going to end its ups and downs but sports and exercising help to keep my peace. The old " there is a way " principle helped to keep going.


Now, a seasoned expat, the best possible wife to my husband, a double-mum trying to figure out the best way to mum since 2014, I live in beautiful Switzerland.

As a professional, I implement all that life and books taught me to help women, parents, expats, and all who are in need to realize how to embrace food, movement, and their dreams and passions to create a lifestyle they always wanted.

 Education and Experience

I hold qualifications from different organizations from across the world in the field of exercise, nutrition, and coaching. However, as a professional, I find it important to continuously expand my knowledge in the fields where my clients trust me so I can provide them with up-to-date, science-based advice and lead them on the most effective and safest way towards their goals. That's why I aim to take at least one CPD course every year besides researching and reading about topics connecting to health and well-being. Besides, all this science stuff fascinates me every day!

Over the last 10 years, I gained experience in 5 countries and worked with dozens of clients, fine-tuning my approach to be able to provide the best possible guidance. 

I started out as a competitive coach straight out of school, even before my expat life started, but smoothly transitioned into recreational sports over the years as my own focus shifted from performance, as in competitions to performance as in life.

I still believe in pushing and challenging oneself is the way to achieve great things and to reach our goals. I see my main role as a trainer to help you, the client to realize your limit and to push you there in a safe way. The rest is on you! 

Philosophy and mission

I believe that life is there to enjoy. Don't get me wrong, life is not, and should not be all rainbows and unicorns. Hardship and sadness are just as important in it as happiness and success, they all help us be who we are. However, we can focus on letting ourselves enjoy the moments when they occur or plan for these events so we live a lifestyle that is filled with activities that make us happy and content. 

My mission is to take off the pressure from your shoulder by reconnecting you with the idea of enjoying food in a balanced way instead of restrictions. By helping you to find the activities and exercise that give you joy or supporting the activities you enjoy the most. By guiding you to look deeper inside you to find your motivation, your values. By inspiring you to put up your boundaries in your life so you will have more time to do the things that matter.

I don't say it will be easy, I am saying it is worth it! Let me help you Reform Your Lifestyle!

What my clients say:

"Thanks, Kata for the last 12 months!!! 42,21 km in 04:43:41" - Gabor

"I am not planning to stop anytime soon!" - Lilla

"I actually often think that you have saved me in so many ways. You made me better in so many ways. I love my days, getting up in the morning is a blast. I have the energy to cuddle and play with my kids when they go to sleep and I can see how much they love it. I wouldn't have the energy and love to give without you. So thank you!" - Zdenka

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