Reform Your Lifestyle:

Live fuller every day in the body that you like and serves you the best, open up opportunities, and have a more agile life.

Kata Pongracz



My main focuses are strength through functionality and body-awareness as a trainer, however, as a holistic coach, I also extend these functions with balanced nutrition and life coaching in order to help you experience your life in its best possible way at any stage.


In-Person Fitness Training

Thalwil, Gattikon or virtual

The best motivation comes from the outside and the more we commit to someone, not to just ourselves, the more likely that we stay on track. This is one of the reason that personal training works: you promise your trainer to be there and she holds you accountable.


Meet me for 1-on-1 up to 1-on-3 sessions for more motivation and safe, personalized fitness training.

All sessions are tailored to you, focusing on progression to your own personal goal.

Book minimum 10 sessions to be used within a 12 week period.

Prices starting at 70 CHF /session

Reform Your Lifestyle

Online Holistic Coaching

Reform Your Lifestyle​ is a holistic program that helps and guides you to achieve a fuller, fitter, happier life through exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching.

All the items are delivered through a direct-built app, where you can easily access your tasks. Follow, register, and comment on your progress with easy built-in communication to ask for help whenever you need it.

The program includes fully personalized fitness routines and weekly meal plans delivered through a mobile app. To create an all-around experience, you also benefit from weekly, one-hour 1-on-1 coaching sessions to ensure that you are progressing in the right direction.

Packages starting at 180 CHF/week

Not sure what you need?

Contact me to schedule a short call to discuss your lifestyle goals and how we can work together.


About me

Kata fills in a leading role in her company, PTwithKP as a trainer, nutritionist, and wellness coach. She helps expat mothers to feel strong, energized, and happy in their bodies and confident regardless of their location. By identifying their health and wellness goals, her clients achieve more freedom to enjoy their lives through personalized nutrition, exercise, and continuous coaching.

Kata has lived the expat life for over 10 years now and so far lived in 5 countries in Europe. Now, based in Switzerland, she lives with her family in a small village close to Zurich and enjoys all the opportunities the wonderful nature offers to them.


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What my clients say

"Kata is a wonderful trainer. She takes a lot of effort to know you so that she can give you the best training and the best advice. She is very positive, she knows her stuff, and trainings with her are always fun." - Riya

"A highly skilled professional who motivates and engages her clients with tailor made workouts." - Shanta

"I had a lot of fun and thank you Kata! it's really comfortable to know I can do it with my kids!" - Alba